Increased consumption of Soy and dairy products in the world

Industrial production of soy milk and dairy products

The first step in the production of soy milk, or for that matter yoghurt, desserts and ice cream from whole soy beans is the production of soy milk base. During this process the proteins, soluble carbohydrates and oils are separated from the fiber material, the so-called okara. This base is then further formulated and processed into the desired soy product. The soy base can be produced in several ways by applying or omitting various processing steps. The choice of processing determines the chemical, nutritional as well as sensory properties of the soy base; such as the content of oligosaccharides causing flatulence, trypsin inhibitors influencing protein digestion and off-flavor components.

Hydration of beans will promote the formation of soy product

Hydration of the beans prior to grinding improves the grinding efficiency and takes place during soaking or continuous blanching. Learn more about current research that focuses on improving the quality and safety of cheese, developing lower-sodium options and creating and manufacturing nutritionally enhanced and specialty cheeses. Research on the use of different processes and constituents helped advance the manufacturing of popular products, such as Greek yogurt, kier and frozen smoothers, with sophisticated protein concentrations. Soaking promotes the formation of a beany flavor in the soy product, which is desired in some parts of the world.Diary milk product research seeks to link technical quality factors such as light oxidation and fat levels to consumer liking in an effort to identify and share best practices.