Soymilk which is rich in protein and produce sweeter effect

Effective muscle building proteins in the soy and dairy products

Both soy and dairy milk are good sources of protein, with different health advantages.The fat content is similar in both cow and soy milk and low fat or light varieties are available for both. The type of fat in full-cream cow’s milk is butterfat, high in saturated fat, while soybean oil is mostly polyunsaturated. The fats added to soy milk are usually canola or sunflower oil, again rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. This means that soy milk is a source of good fats.The dairy products seek to link technical quality factors such as fat levels to consumer liking in an effort to recognize and share best practices.

Cow’s milk consists of two proteins, casein and whey, both of which are popular among body-builders as effective muscle-building proteins.Now, a large part of the scientifically produced soy milk is produced by means of the UHT process and aseptic filling, thereby obtaining a long shelf-life at room temperature. This puts a great demand to the stability of the product as a homogeneous product throughout the entire shelf-life is necessary for the consumer’s acceptance of the product. Direct as well as indirect UHT systems may be applied. From stability as well as from a sensory point of view direct systems are preferred. Direct systems result in less chemical changes in the product due to a lower total heat load and extraction of oxygen from the product in the vacuum chamber. The indirect system is, however, often favored due to lower share and running costs.