Increasing popularity of the soy milk and the dairy products

Nutritional information about soy and dairy products for health

Consumers and health professionals are wise to consider the source of information before accepting it at face value. These references can help hone critical thinking skills needed to sort out the good science from the bad. Our mission is to educate consumers to make food choices for best health that match their individual values. We encourage nutrient-rich foods as part of healthy eating patterns, in which soy and dairy products are a cornerstone. Our recommendations are based on the scientific research and consensus science that confirm the many health benefits that soy and milk products provide. Decades of nutrition research continue to show the essential role that milk, cheese and yogurt play in a healthy diet.

Summarized below are some issues of concern along with resources and links so that you can read and decide whether milk is an exceptional part of a healthy diet. Essential needs and nutritious values found in dairyproducts. Recent research on the minerals and proteins found in milk shows it can prevent muscle wasting in the elderly. Dairy protein is effective and inexpensive source of protein for athletes who want to build muscle. Studies have demonstrated that soy proteins casein and they perform better than other sources of protein at promoting muscle growth. The first thing many popular diets do is neglect dairy products. These book reviews by registered dietitian nutritionist. The soy and dairy products offer insight on why these foods come up short.